BRCA mutations REAL-TIME PCR Genotyping Kit

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  • Intended use

Kit is designed and validated in collaboration with Russian National Institute of Cancer Research – one of the world leading medical centers

The composition of kit is based on survey, which involved more than 2000 participants of different ethnicities and allowed the consideration of interpopulation variations in mutation frequencies

Kit includes only high penetration mutations, which are 100% predictive for breast cancer 

The original genotyping approach is based on melting curve analysis, which is characterized by high specificity, reproducibility and resistance to unaccounted adjacent sequence variations

Both alleles are detected simultaneously in one tube

The original software allows automated interpretation of results and genotype calling

The genotyping kit is intended for detection and allelic discrimination of the genetic polymorphisms 185delAG, 4153delA, 5382insC, 3819delGTAAA, 3875delGTCT, 300T>G (Cys61Gly), 2080delA and human BRCA2 gene – mutation 6174delT associated with inherited susceptibility to breast cancer.

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