Auto-disable syringes IS-TMK of Kostroma-Mediko manufacture.

The IS-TMK syringe is a disposable, self-destructing syringe of the third generation.

The design of the syringe completely eliminates its reuse.

The IS-TMK syringe has a reliable piston with a special blocking device that ensures a uniform and complete injection of medicines to the patient and leads to immediate breakage of the syringe when trying to reuse.

The volume of produced syringes can consist from 1 ml to 20 ml - for now: 2 and 5 ml while.

The technique of injection.

1. Load the medication solution into syringe without removing the fuse from the syringe.

2. After loading the medicine, it is necessary to remove the fuse and then use the standard technique of injections.

Advantages of self-destructing syringes IS-TMK:

1. Designed to prevent re-use of non-sterile "disposable" syringes.

2. Easy to use and disposal.

3. Completely excludes the possibility of unfair actions by medical personnel and cross-infection of patients during injections.

The use of self-destructive syringes IS-TMK ensures the safe medical care for injections and vaccination of the population.