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Dear Colleagues and Friends!

We are a young Indian company, which has gathered skillful professionals from different fields of scientific and clinical research including molecular biology, genetics, microbiology and physics. We are pleased to introduce our top products, which were carefully selected and adapted to meet the requirements of the Indian healthcare market. Operating in various areas of diagnostics and surgery, we are able to provide complex solutions that simplify the setting up of high performance workflows, aftersales monitoring and customer support. 

We offer a wide range of diagnostic and accessory products, as well as reagents and expendables, which can be customized upon request to satisfy the needs of different medical units based on their capacity - from low throughput and mobile laboratories to medical centers of regional and national level. 

We look forward to introducing our products and ideas to the Indian healthcare system, as we believe that cooperation with local businesses and authorities involved in social welfare, healthcare and academia can further advance our R&D to benefit the end-user.
All our efforts will focus on realizing the principles of a new personalized approach to human health and making management and treatment of diseases more efficient and cost effective.

CEO of “InKosBio PHARMA” V.Petrakov