PCR Technologies

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the most effective method of molecular diagnostics,
which is widespread in the field of in vitro diagnosis

Electro Impedance Technology

The electrical impedance method of diagnostics is based on the fact that electrical conductivity (ability to conduct electrical current) of biological tissues correlates considerably to their physiological status


Auto-disable syringes IS-TMK of Kostroma-Mediko manufacture. The IS-TMK syringe is a disposable, self-destructing syringe of the third generation.

We are

The main advantage of our company is flexibility and concentration on demands of our customers
We are not specifically the trade company but also company with big scientific portfolio and industrial ambitions
We want our customers to be sure in quality and performance of our products as well as in reliable and qualified support during each item' life cycle
We wish to invest in Indian healthcare infrastructure, share our unique experience and get learned by intelligent and industrious Indian people