MEM 20-08

  • Description:

 The device is intended for imaging and diagnostics of pathological changes of the breast tissues.

Principle of the device operation

Various organs and tissues in a human body possess different electrical properties. For instance, it is a well-known fact that many tumours, in particular malignant breast tumours, feature electrical conductivity (ability to conduct electrical current), which differs considerably from the electrical conductivity of surrounding healthy tissues. The MEM makes it possible to obtain the picture of biological tissues electrical conductivity distribution in the breast in its transverse sections and locate such tumours in the obtained images. 

Technical features:

  • The device comprises a measuring block with a built-in microprocessor control system, which houses a matrix with 256 electrodes.

  • Two remote electrodes, which are positioned on a patients arm, are connected via a cable to the measuring block.

  • During the scanning process the device, utilizing one out of 256 electrodes of the matrix sequentially injects into the patient’s body weak alternative electric current and registers corresponding distributions of potentials on its surfaces using the rest of the electrodes.

  • The obtained data are used then for reconstruction of the electrical impedance images with the help of the mathematical algorithms utilizing a personal computer to which the device is connected vie the USB port.

  • The utilized algorithm allows to reconstruct three-dimensional distribution of electrical conductivity (in the form of tomographic cross-sections of various depths) and to obtain highly detailed images.

  • The utilized measuring scheme and the algorithm of image reconstruction make imaging results practically insusceptible to the skin surface condition.

  • The MEM makes it possible to carry out examination with various frequencies, which in some cases enhances precision of diagnostics since depending on the tissues status, their electrical properties correlate differently with frequencies. 

 The device is intended for imaging and diagnostics of pathological changes of the breast tissues.

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