Chamber “Ultra-Light” -1

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Principle of operation of the chamber is based on applying of UV-radiation the source of which is a 30 W bactericidal lamp. More than 60% of radiation goes to radiation at a wave length of 253,7 nm which provides a maximum anti-bacterial effect.


Metal body with a hinged metal cover that moves up and down made of light and heat reflecting glass which prevents from UV-radiation;
Metal lattices for sterile instruments placement;
Lighting unit (30W UV bactericidal lamp, start-control device, control and indication desk)
The chamber is a floor type. Possibility of installing lattices on 2 levels makes it possible to increase number of instruments 1,5 times in comparison with other models that have only single-level lattices. Chamber’s construction has a patented solution which results in taking base and fastening of the bactericidal UV-lamp out of the useful capacity of the chamber. This considerably improves sterile maintenance modes.
Effectiveness of such chamber is proved by the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Preventive Toxicology and Disinfectology of the Public Health of the Russian Federation.



1. Chamber operates from AC mains voltage at 50 Hz

2. Power consumption of the chamber from AC mains voltage is not more than 40 V∙A

3. Irradiance from the UV-radiation source (30W anti-bacterial lamp) to the geometrical centre of the chamber’s lattice at a wave length of 253,7 nm is not less than 6,0 W/m.

4. Chamber’s running time is not more than 168 hours.

5. Switching to operating mode shall not exceed 10 min.

6. Effort applied to the handle in order to open the chamber is not more than 20 N.

7. The chamber has a metal lattice for instrument placement that withstands uniformly distributed load not less than 100 N.

8. According to the safety standards the chamber is a I class Type B product by GOST Р 50267.0-92

9. Mean time between failures is not less than 1500 hours.

10. Average life time is not less than 5 years.

13. In accordance with the Methodology Guidelines-287-113 the external surfaces of the chamber may be disinfected with such 0,5% detergents like “Lotos”, “Astra” by GOST 25644-88.

14. Service conditions of the lamp meet the requirements of the climatic category of boreal climate 4.2 by GOST Р 50444-92: temperature from +10 С to + 35 C ; relative humidity – 80 % at 25 С.


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