• Features

Horizontal Steam Sterilizers (HSS) are designed for dry saturated steam sterilization of textile products, surgical instruments, glassware, solutions, at temperatures ranging from 115C to 134C and period of sterilization to 540 minutes. They are used in medical institutions of various profiles for installation at the central sterilization departments, for sterilization needs at operating units in the hospital wards, pharmacies and laboratories.

The main characteristics:

The rectangular, horizontally placed sterilization chamber.

5 sterilization programs to change the temperature and duration of sterilization, the process of drying and cooling phases, and 2 service programs (Bowie-Dick test for the quality of steam penetration into porous materials and test for leaks). Configuration parameters of each program in a wide range. The ability to operate in manual mode.

Safe, reliable, easy to operate stainless steel door with electromechanical drive.

Microprocessor control; control panel with keypad and graphic display, equipped with a contact screen for graphically displaying information on the current parameters of the process and stages of implementation.

Saving the sterilization parameters in the internal memory and the ability to print them.

Conclusion sterilization parameters on the built-in printer.

The rectangular, horizontally placed sterilization chamber

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